Queen Live aid 1985 video

Freddie Mercury Stole the Show at Live Aid in 1985.

1985 Queen’s stardom looked as though it was fading. They decided to perform at Live Aid. They took the stage at Wembley Stadium on July 13, 1985, at 6:41pm London Time.

The band was bickering back stage, the tension was high.

Queen did “Radio Ga Ga” that day. The crowd, 72,000 strong, clapped along in unison, on cue to the chorus. The other superstars who were there to perform that day all agreed, Queen had stolen the show.

After Radio Ga Ga was complete, Freddie walked out the center of the stage and sang, Ayyyy-Oh, the crowd responded quite loudly as Freddie continued to lead them in a call and response.  As Freddie begins it, you can see Brian May turn his back to the proceedings, leaving it all in the hands of Freddie Mercury. It will be interesting to see if the film portrays that moment. 

No one could command a crowd like Freddie Mercury. 

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