Queen I want it all 1989 photo.s

I Want It All is the first single from the album The Miracle by the British rock group Queen. The song is written by guitarist Brian May, who also takes care of part of the vocals. The entire band is listed as a writer on the album because it was Queen’s policy since 1989.

The song is a hard rock song and the themes according to Brian May are having ambitions and standing up for your goals. This makes the song in South Africa a well-known protest number against apartheid and as a number for gay rights. The inspiration for the song came from Anita Dobson, the wife of May, who regularly said: “I want it all and I want it now”.

The single version is clearly different from the album version. The guitar intro has been replaced by a capella vocals and the guitar solo has been shortened.

“I Want It All” was also the first Queen song that Freddie Mercury could never sing live, because there was no tour with the album The Miracle and because Freddie died in 1991 from the effects of AIDS.

The video clip shows a performance by Queen, as the band often did with a video. The entire band is dressed in black pants and a white blouse with a tie (with drummer Roger Taylor still wearing a leather jacket). The performance takes place in a warehouse and is directed by David Mallet. It is the only single from the album The Miracle that is not directed by DoRo.
In the video, cameras and members of the film crew can be seen in the background.

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