Freddie Mercury Budapest rehearsal 1986

The world looked very different just a quarter of a century ago. For example, in 1986 Queen was the first band to give a stadium show in Hungary.

The members of Queen were initially supposed to take a break in the 1986 calendar year. But the appearance of British rockers on Live Aid in 1985 inspired Queen to undertake his biggest tour ever, while the request to write a few songs for the feature film Highlander resulted in the album A Kind Of Magic.

The arena concerts that Queen gave in 1986 are still unsurpassed, with the performance in Wembley being one of the most legendary moments in pop history. With his first concert in the Hungarian capital Budapest, Queen also confirmed his live reputation behind the Iron Curtain.

The concert film of that performance already appeared on vhs and laserdisc in 1987, under the title Live In Budapest, but the new title is a reference to nineteen piano pieces by Franz Liszt under the name Hungarian Rhapsody. Queen mainly plays his biggest hits, with a show that is almost identical to the one in Wembley.

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