Queen recording one vision 1985

After Queen stole the show on Live Aid, the band got new inspiration. Freddie Mercury called his bandmates and suggested they make a new song. This resulted in “One Vision”. The lyrics to the track were written primarily by drummer Roger Taylor and musically it is mainly a song by Brian May, but after the input from the other band members, the band decided to send the credits to Queen. Originally it was Taylor’s idea to let the song be about Martin Luther King, but after rewriting a few times there was little left of that idea. On the VHS video box Magic Years and on the DVD Greatest Video Hits 2 you can see how Queen is working on this song in the studio, there are also all sorts of alternative texts where various food items are sung.

PThe fact that the song became a hit was quite striking since at that time pop music and new wave were the main European hit lists, while “One Vision” is a hard rock song.

The last sentence of the song (from both the live and the studio versions) is “Fried chicken”, even though it should be expected to be “One vision.” This is a joke that Freddie Mercury did in the studio when they were recording the song. That evening they ate fried chicken. During the recording of the song, the lyrics were still far from complete and Freddie began to sing dishes. Cries like ‘one shrimp, one prawn, one clam, one chicken’ passed the review. Jim Hutton, Freddie’s last lover, says in his book that Freddie was not sure at first whether he would include it in the final version. Jim Hutton encouraged him with the words You are big enough (“You are big enough (to get away with it)”).

Source https://nl.m.wikipedia.org

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