Queen another one bites the dust Montreal

On two evenings in November 1981, two of Queen’s performances were recorded in Montreal, Canada. The film We Will Rock You, which was edited with these images, was shown in North American cinemas in 1984 and is now digitized for DVD. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor personally comment on the patched up 35mm images – 25 songs in 96 minutes. The group was at the height of fame and still played live in the classical four-man line-up, without additional keyboard players. Although Queen in the studio had now turned overdubbing into art, the band was still perfectly capable of producing an overwhelming rock sound with limited resources. The registration is also austere and without any effect.

The spectacle (then still) had to come primarily from the musicians and they exemplified their duties. The special double DVD from Queen Rock Montreal contains as a bonus the famous performance that the band gave at Live Aid in 1985, according to many the highlight of that event. Also, eleven minutes never before released “backstage footage” of Live Aid.

source https://www.muziekweb.nl/Link/JKD4812/Rock-Montreal-Live-Aid

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