Freddie Mercury with Minako Honda

On the pictures Freddie and minako Honda, a famous Japanese singer and actress. on December 7, he performed at Japan’s headquarters, Nihon Budokan, and opened that concert with “I was born to love you”
Brian May wrote and made two singles: “Golden days / crazy nights”.
On November 6, 2005, minako died of leukemia at the age of 38.
After the death of minako Honda, Brian May intends to repost the fruit songs of their collaboration for a larger audience
. The English versions of the two songs they were working on were much harder for minako, who came from a family who didn’t speak English.
To facilitate things, of course, had an interpreter with him, but for minako it was not easy to adapt to the rhythm of his language. However, his manager was determined to even make minako sing in English and this meant a lot of pressure for her. He didn’t want to give up, even though there were tears while working and this made Brian feel awful! In the end they have put together both the English and Japanese versions of both songs. Golden days crazy nights
. In addition to Brian, John Deacon also worked with minako, with her the number roulette, the Japanese version of his ‘no back back’.

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