Queen A day at the races photoshoot in 1976

A Day at the Races is a 1976 album by the British rock group Queen. It is the fifth album of the band and is the successor of the successful album A Night at the Opera. Just like the previous album, the name was derived from a film by the Marx Brothers.

The album has ten songs, four by Freddie Mercury, the same by Brian May and Roger Taylor and John Deacon each wrote a song. The album starts with “Tie Your Mother Down” and an intro by May. This song is still loved by the concerts. The best known song is the hit “Somebody to Love”. This song later also became a hit in a collaboration with George Michael. “Good Old Fashioned Loverboy” also appeared as a single, which Queen played at Top of the Pops, among others. The closing song is partly in Japanese, a country where Queen was very popular in the 70s. The 2011 Digital Remaster re-release of this album was released in 2011.


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