Freddie Mercury in Japan 1986

To be honest. I’d like people to think there is no falsity in me because what I do is really my character. But I think mystique, not knowing the truth about someone, is very appealing. I’d be doing myself an injustice if I didn’t wear makeup because some people think it’s wrong. Even to talk about being gay used to be obnoxious and unheard of. But gone are those days. There’s a lot of freedom today and you can put yourself across anyway you want to. But I haven’t CHOSEN this image. I’m myself and in fact half the time I let the wind take me.

©️ Freddie Mercury in his own words

14 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury in Japan 1986

  1. Awesome”WISDOM”Words‼️
    Awesome(also)are the “❣PHOTOS❣
    ❣You….my PersianPoppinjayPeacock‼️
    Your👤🎶Legend🌫Spirit”Lives on/on/on”

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  2. Be yourself…
    It’s Always hard to be what we want,
    And not what a society, or human civilisation want for his entire people.
    Change Time, but same reasons…
    I found very beautiful and natural this photos.
    Freddy was himself.
    And, by this art, he give us freedom and “Espoir”.

    I don’t know if my words are clear 😶🤔
    Miss G 😊

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