Freddie Mercury Living on my own video

Living on My Own is a song by Freddie Mercury and is on the album Mr. Bad Guy.

It was released in 1985 as a single in the UK, where it reached the number 50 as the highest hit. The number also had little success in the rest of Europe. In 1993, almost 2 years after Mercury’s death, the No More Brothers remix of the song was released, which was very successful. In the Netherlands the number five weeks in second place of the Mega Top 50. In the United Kingdom it was a number 1 hit, and it was the only time that Mercury was in first position without the other band members of Queen. In the rest of Europe it also became a big dance hit, but it also received a lot of criticism from the Queen fans.

The video on Living on My Own consists of images of Mercury’s 39th birthday in Munich.

Utada Hikaru (a J-Pop artist) has made a cover of the song. She said that Mercury is one of her great sources of inspiration.

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