Freddie Mercury in Munich

Freddie Mercury lived in Munich from 1979 to 1985

Of course, for some of these years he would bounce between London, Munich and some other cities, but he spent a great deal of time here in the late 70s/early 80s. The main draw? Peace and quiet. He could live, walk down the street, and party without being bothered and trailed by press like back home in London.

According to Freddie’s former personal assistant, “Freddie’s initial address when we moved to Munich for the recording of Mister Bad Guy was the Arabella Haus. He lasted there 1 night before he moved into an apartment near Sebastians Platz. He did spend some nights at Barbara’s apartment on Stollberg Strasse above the Oyster Cellar. After a short visit to England Freddie, Jim and Joe returned to the Stollberg Plaza while the apartment Freddie bought with Barbara on Hans Sachs Strasse was being built. Freddie returned to England for good before Barbara actually moved in so never actually spent a night there.”

Freddie Mercury celebrated his 39th birthday in Munich with an outrageously epic party

Henderson’s Night Club (now Paradiso Tanzbar) was a hot dancing venue back in the late 70s/early 80s, and it was here that Freddie hosted his now infamous 39th birthday party, a hedonistic, wild and extravagant night where Freddie flew in dozens of his closest friends and demanded that they dress in black and white drag. Some consider this one of the wildest and most notorious parties in rock history… but hey, this was only 2 months after Queen’s legendary Live Aid performance, so I guess they had plenty to celebrate.

He also filmed his music video for Living on My Own the next day

Yes, the iconic video for Freddie’s solo single Living on My Own was filmed in Munich at the same nightclub the day after his birthday bash. The video also features clips from the party.

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