Queen on number 1 in Dutch top 2000 with bohemian Rhapsody

With ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Queen can again call herself the number 1 of the Top 2000.

At the first edition in 1999, the track comes first, to be relieved only once in 2005 by ‘Avond’ by Boudewijn de Groot. Then Queen takes the crown back to hand it over to Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ in 2010 and 2014. In 2015, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ lands at number one, after the song impresses after the Paris attacks. The following year, Queen manages to conquer and retain first place again.

8 thoughts on “Queen on number 1 in Dutch top 2000 with bohemian Rhapsody

  1. Such great energy. I admit that I was not a big fan back in the day. Now, I can better appreciate the artistry and the individuals that made this art. There was so much stigma in our small town in Canada against gays in the eighties. Freddie had a hard road. His legacy will last for a long time.
    My fave was always “You’re my best friend.” Played it at my wedding two years ago as we left the church.
    Great memory.


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  2. I also vote every year for Top 2000 and my number one is also Bohemian Rhapsody, being the nr. 1 does justice to Freddie’s masterpiece ❤ My other favorites are Love Me Like There's No Tommorow and Save me,, but I love all Queen songs, Freddie's solo projects and the song I listen to right at this time of the year is How Can I Go On from Freddie with Montserrat Cabellé, because of the big lost in my personel life…
    But with Christmas start the Top 2000 on Dutch radio and tv. Thank you for beautiful post ❤

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  3. 🎶Bohem’Rap’🎶

    ALso ❣ Freddie’s “SHENANIGANS”
    Enjoy Seeing Him Having “FUN”‼️
    (Even “PickingHisBeautifulNOSE👃🏽”)

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