Freddie Mercury about Mr bad Guy

“My Mr Bad Guy album was just a breather, a chance to do some things that I wanted to do without the others. But it certainly wasn’t a split from Queen. I wasn’t going to be touring on my own or splitting up with Queen.
Without them, I’d be nothing. The press always makes out that I’m the wild one and they’re all quiet, but it’s not true.
I wanted to write a batch of songs that came out under the name of Freddie Mercury and I wanted to do all the things I wasn’t able to do within the band. In fact, some of the songs that were discarded from Queen albums ended up on my solo album, but they are good.
I wanted to explore which I really couldn’t do within Queen. I wanted to cover such things as reggae rhythms and I did a couple of tracks with an orchestra. The rest of the band encouraged me to do it. To be honest, I would have preferred to have had all of the band members play on it, but then it wouldn’t have been a Freddie Mercury solo album. If it was going to be a genuine solo project, they had to stay out of it, and that’s all there is to it.” - Freddie Mercury -

6 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury about Mr bad Guy

  1. Nothing But “HIGH RESPECT”
    …for this “(1) Of A Kind👑
    ❤️His …
    …He COULD BE😄

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