Tim Jones about Freddie Mercury

“Playing to the crowd was Freddie’s vocation. And after his solo vocal spot, and several minutes of scale running and communal chanting with the fervent army of fans, he laughed aloud: ‘You’re too good. Fuck off!”. Moments like that made him not only a star but, somehow, one of the mob. A man with a very different world and lifestyle to most of us, but a man in touch. He made you feel that, the awe in which Queen cohorts hold their musical God. Freddie gave his all, and the people about him felt it. How many rock stars could you genuinely say that about? We demanded more than just a good tune. We wanted another bit of magic that only Freddie could conjure. That was his greatest gift, and the gift that he left us all. Not just a splendid musical legacy, but the memory of his almost supernatural ability to utterly spellbind an audience and take it with him on his musical journey.

Tim Jones


7 thoughts on “Tim Jones about Freddie Mercury

    (That’s How This “72 yr. old HOOT” Feels)‼️
    🎶Don’t Stop Me Now🎶


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