Freddie Mercury quote

“I really wouldn’t know about things in 20 years’ time. It would be nice if people were still buying our records then. I would hate to be doing it just to sell records and make money. We do it because we have interest in it, and if I lost that I would go and do something else. I like trying out different things and, at the moment, there is a lot within Queen we can do. One day I might say to myself, “I have done enough with Queen so now I will do something else,” but I couldn’t tell you whether that will happen tomorrow or in two years’ time or in another ten years. Let’s wait and see. Underneath it all, we like each other and we like the music we make. That’s basically it. And if we didn’t like the music, we’d say “C’est la vie!” and “Goodbye” to each other.”

Freddie Mercury

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10 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury quote

  1. ‼️These ((YEARS) ..aren’t over yet‼️
    ❣Freddie, My Dearest, ❤️ of my life,
    👉🏿Your 🎶 will live (FOREVER)
    And, it’s “showing” (EVERDAY)

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